Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Bhangra


It is another one from Indian cricket star’s wedding. Yes you got it right. As we all know we often do Post of related to celebrities wedding. As we all know weeding is on top in India and in other parts of Asia. Some people got married this year. There …

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Pakhandi Baba Ashleel Video


There are so many religions in the world. Majority of religions in India then other countries. In India majority of people believe in Hinduism. They are almost seventy percent. Then come Muslims. Muslim have about fifty nine countries in the world but they are almost twenty five percent in India. …

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Reshan Anmol Comments On TV Anchor


We often do posts related to Punjabi singers. There are so many singers in Punjab nowadays. Everyone wants to get popularity just in over night. But it is fact that this year is not going good for Punjabi singers. After one by one so many singers created controversy. And they …

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Yaar Narinder Song On Bathinda Incident


Wedding season is on top in Punjab and in north part of India. Some people getting married in this year. Some of very famous Celebrities also getting married this year. People want to make their marriage memorable. So many people do some things for it. But sometimes something happens wrong …

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Yograj Response To Pakhandi Babe


This video has been viral on social media in no time. This is related to Indian cricket star’s marriage. His name is Yuvraj Singh who is known as sixer king. As we all know his dad did not attend his son wedding. Because he said he does not belong in …

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What Women Did Outside Bank


This video could be funny for all of us but it shows a major problem which is in India nowadays. As we all know couple of weeks ago Indian prime minister took a major decision to change India currency. In overtime government banned five hundred notes and one thousand notes. …

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Wedding Dancer Shot In Bathinda


This is too shocking video for all of us. How a innocent dancer killed in a wedding in Punjab. How stupid people who use weapons in marriage functions. Just take some drink and they do not know what is happening around us, they just show their stupidity. As we all …

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When Meeting Girlfriend Goes Wrong


This world is so stressful. Everyone running behind the money. Everyone want to be rich overnight. We often forget so many things which we should be in our daily routine. Like exercise, laugh and few other things as well. People are becoming fatty now a days. People do not do …

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Drug Dealer Caught In Village


The land of warriors is called Punjab. People are so welcoming and so humble there. Majority of people believe in Sikhism there. But now time has changed. Majority of youngsters are now drug addicted. According to reports there are about seventy percent youngsters take drugs. Heroine is so of most …

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