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Sukhbir Badal Says Akali Dal Is Poor

There are so many comedians in the India and especially in Punjab. There are few politicians who are famous for their statements. People use to laugh on those statement and also say them comedian. Punjab’s dipty chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal is one of in those politicians who are famous …

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Babbu Maan Gets Emotional At Mother’s Funeral

Mother is like as god for all of us. She gave us birth. She teach us how walk, how to talk, how to speak and other so many things. Almost every person in this world loves his mother very much. Definitely there are few who unfortunately do not love. Whenever …

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Sukhbir Badal Joke On Gurpreet Ghuggi

Election is coming very soon in couple of states in India. Every political party trying to their best to impress the people. Every party has their own plans and strategy to compete other political parties. Next year there is also election in Punjab. It could be very tough competition there …

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Badal Family Excommunicated At Sarbat Khalsa

There is so much things happening in Punjab nowadays. The big news of today is coming from bathinda. There was Sikh gathering. So many Sikhs all over the world been there and attended. That is actually called Sarbat Khalsa. Every Sikh was focused on it. Due to Punjab government Leaders …

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Berry Which Can Help Beat Cancer

Life is so fast nowadays. Every thing is on electronic nowadays. It has impact on every thing especially on our health. Now we are using that things which are cause of so many dangerous diseases. We use microwave who is cause of cancer. Who use disposable glasses and other stuff …

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Rumors of Aishwarya Rai’s Death

This news in coming from Bollywood industry. It is related to a one of most rich family from India. There was a big rumour that Aishwarya Rai tried to commit suicide. She recently did a film with Ranbeer Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. She played a big roll in it. Her …

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Wedding Dancer Shot In Bathinda

This is too shocking video for all of us. How a innocent dancer killed in a wedding in Punjab. How stupid people who use weapons in marriage functions. Just take some drink and they do not know what is happening around us, they just show their stupidity. As we all …

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PM Modi At Sri Darbar Sahib

There are so many religions in the India. Majority of religions from India or in India. In India majority of people bleave in Hinduism. They are almost seventy five percent. Then comes Muslims which are almost twenty five percent. Sikhs are very less in India as compared to other religions. …

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Bhagwant Mann Caught In Controversy

Election is coming very soon in Punjab. Almost every party has prepare for it. Every political party has their own different plans and strategy to impress the people. Aam admi party is doing better so far. Arvind kegriwal is national konvinor of this party. This party has four member parliament. …

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