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Manpreet Badal Faces Wrath Of Public

This video is related to elections. As we know election is coming very soon in Punjab. The date has announced and it is 4th February. Election commission has fully active now. The effect of election has started. People are so frustrated from current government. There is very tough competition between …

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People Express Anger Against Sikander Maluka

Election is coming very soon in Punjab. Election commission have announced election date in Punjab it is in next month on 4th February. The bad time has started of current government’s leaders. People are so frustrated from current government. They has warn to akali leaders to do not come in …

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Policeman Slogans On Gurpurb

This video definitely will be share by majority of Sikhs community whoever watch this video. As we all know the Parkash purb of tenth Guru of Sikhs Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is celebrating in all over the world. But in this year so many Sikhs from all over the …

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Raj Brar Friends On News Of Death

Last year been very good for so many people. But it was also full of with some sad moments. We use to talk about Punjabi singers in our posts. So many people Punjabi singers created controversy in last year. But in last day of 2016 was very painful day for …

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Youth Throws Shoe At Kejriwal

Election is coming very soon in Punjab. Politics is on top there. Every party has their own plans and strategy to impress the people. Every party doing dig rallies in cities and in villages. At the moment there is Akali Dal and BJP’s government. People are not happy with them …

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Sikh Sentiments Hurt During Function

Religious issues are always be sensitive. We should not hurt anyone’s religious feelings. But is is always happens in India especially in Punjab. Majority of people in Punjab believe in Sikhism. Sikhs always hurt by anti Sikhs groups and by government agencies as well. Recently incident of disrespect of Sikhs …

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Police vs Ex Akali Minister

This video has been viral on social media media in no times especially on Facebook. As we all know in Punjab there is current government of akali dal and Bjp. Every thing is not going good in this government. Police do behave like goons with normal people. Punjab police just …

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Sukhbir Badal Says Akali Dal Is Poor

There are so many comedians in the India and especially in Punjab. There are few politicians who are famous for their statements. People use to laugh on those statement and also say them comedian. Punjab’s dipty chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal is one of in those politicians who are famous …

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Babbu Maan Gets Emotional At Mother’s Funeral

Mother is like as god for all of us. She gave us birth. She teach us how walk, how to talk, how to speak and other so many things. Almost every person in this world loves his mother very much. Definitely there are few who unfortunately do not love. Whenever …

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