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Truck Driver vs Harman Cheema

Nowadays Everyone is trying to become singer in no time. Almost every one has their Facebook account. Facebook is very cheap and easy way to connect with people. As we know there are so many singers in Punjab. Every youngster has a dream to become a very famous singer. But …

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Villagers Catch Man Marrying Young Girl

This world is so beautiful. So many people with their amazing skills and talent living here. We should know how to live and enjoy our life. We should never do that things which become us bad in our society. Some people are really stupid they do that things which are …

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Shoplifters Caught In Chandigarh Store

This is very shameful act done by this lady. We often listen so many things which is happend by boys but there are very rare things which is done by girls. As you can see in the video how a girl caught by shopping mall staff when she was was …

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Wedding Couple On Wedding Day

There are so many things which Ian not acceptable at all in every community. Sometimes people often cross their limits. People often forget their moral values. When two cultures do mix then sometimes it creates some problems and misunderstandings. The video we are going to present you is all about …

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Watch: Boy Gives Girl Phone Number

People often forget their moral values. Sometimes we are effected by those things which we should not do. In our culture a girl cannot see any side when she is walking with her daddy or with brother. But sometimes we use to listen opposite it. This video we are going …

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Man Shows Respect For Girls

If you give respect to others you will be respected by others. True people always respect everyone. Gentleman always do respect women. People who always think wrong about others and especially about women they are not true gentlemen. The video we are going to present you is all about a …

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Man Caught Collecting Fake Donations

People are so lazy nowadays. Majority of people actually do not want to work. In Asian countries like India people have to do some work if they want some money. We do not say there are not hard working people. Good people you easily can find anywhere. If we talk …

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Doctor Gets Caught Out In Act

This would be one of most shameful video for this doctor and his wife. No one can believe any doctor any be this kind of shameful act. As you can see in the video how a woman shouting on a doctor and on his wife. According to video this doctor …

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Sibling Saves Life Of Brother

This is so amazing video for all of us. This show a true love toward brother. As you can see in the video how a brother saved his real brother life. A child fall in well and no one knew about it. When he started crying then people started getting …

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